The route of the Security Fence is determined by security and operational considerations, examining topography, population density and threat assessments and taking into account humanitarian, archaeological and environmental concerns. The following considerations are considered when determining the route from the operational point of view:


The Security Fence provides a response to the operational assignment requiring continuity. It is a continuous
land based obstacle stretching from Beit- Shean (North) to Arad (South).

Stage A, runs from Salem to Elkana, and around Jerusalem (in the northern and southern sections), was completed by the end of July 2003.

Stage B, running from Salem towards Bet- Shean, through the Jezreel Valley and the Gilboa mountains, approved in December 2002, was completed in 2004.

Command & Control
Creating an area that enables command and control through the usage of observation systems as well as provision of space for pursuit after suspect.
Environmental considerations
Minimal damage to the landscape and its vegetation as well as restoring the area, once work has been completed to its former stage, as much as possible.

Every effort has been made, to avoid including any Palestinian villages in the area of the Security Fence.
The Security Fence does not annex territories to the State of Israel, nor will it change the status of the residents of these areas.

Minimum Disruption

Minimum disruption to the daily life of the populations residing on both sides of the Security Fence will occur along its course in several forms:

  • Narrow agricultural passageways, dozens of which will be located along the route to enable farmers to continue cultivating their lands.

  • Passage for pedestrians and vehicles, at which inspections will take place to maintain security.

  • Crossing points, for transfer of goods across the central area and in the Jerusalem region.
Simplicity of maintenance
In terms of accessibility, cost and time.
Map of Security Fence Project

Revised Route of the Security Fence Updated map as of April 30th 2006.
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    Revised Route of the Security Fence, Updated map as of April 30th 2006   
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